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Our comprehensive training program


Arizona LifeLine is dedicated to providing community outreach opportunities to the areas we service throughout Southern Arizona. Events include helicopter safety, landing zone classes for EMS/FD and law enforcement, clinical provider certifications, lectures covering current emergency medical topics and treatments and public service safety days. Please feel free to contact us to schedule an event or training in your area.

Lifeline flight crews perform critical care flight medicine in one of the most challenging and unstable environments; a helicopter. Our flight crews are constantly training at their bases and quarterly at the Arizona Simulation Technology and Education Center (AZTEC) at the University of Arizona College of Medicine. This is a high fidelity, high intensive training simulator which we tailor to meet our advanced scope of practice. All of our flight paramedics and flight nurses that have been on the flight line over 18 months hold their FP-C or CFRN advanced certifications  and are leaders in the Air Ambulance skill set.

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